Professionalism, Experience and Reliability.

Three adjectives to a single brand: Costruzioni Bonifazio S.r.l. For Paolo Bonifazio was born around thirty-five years ago at Cutro (Crotone), years of experience in the construction industry, a long apprenticeship, even abroad, then in 1988, the final choice of moving to Castiglione delle Stiviere and establish a new company by spreading from scratch. Here he began to build his own.
The passion, the seriousness with which the enterprise Costruzioni Bonifazio was dedicated to the world of construction meant that opened the doors of entrepreneurship.

The company, formed by trusted third parties who maintain our strong values, is structured to direct family administrator Paul Bonifazio and flanked by his nephew Antonio Virelli, acting as "executants", by his son-in-law Luigi Rizzuti and nephew Gianfranco Virelli, acting as "capocantieri", and as "responsible management accounting", his daughter Mimma.
There are several people working at the behest of the company, many of which with twenty years of experience. In order to maintain high quality standards is often also required the collaboration of local artisans.

So, today, the construction firm Costruzioni Bonifazio manufactures and sells real estate with luxury finishes throughout the Alto Mantovano and Lake Garda. And is one of the leading companies in this sector. The secret of a success that has lasted for almost two decades is built with quality materials and do so at competitive prices, so that any hard property over time, increasing its value.

Costruzioni Bonifazio deals directly or the property of his sale, offering unlimited support over time. Also deals with the construction of commercial buildings and directional. A strong company results therefore have allowed the achievement of important goals that have qualified our company bringing it up at the top of the construction industry.
Costruzioni Bonifazio S.r.l.
Impresa di Costruzioni

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Via Corfù, 77 - 25124 Brescia
Via Mantova, 121/A - 25017 Lonato del Garda (BS)

+39 030 91 56 904
+39 030 91 56 904

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